2 Easy Ways to Brighten Up any Winter Garden

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It can be a challenge to find trees and plants that still look great during Winter months. Many plants and trees are starting to go into dormancy, but that doesn’t mean you have to get stuck with a dull and lifeless garden. There are still a number of species which display a variety of colours and textures that can be used to brighten up any garden.


Striking, bold and sculptural foliage looks great in winter when most plants are bare and dormant. Dracaena draco and Agave attenuata, with textured thick fleshy stems which support large succulent leaves, creating striking features.

Dracina draco

Doryanthes palmerii is an oustanding plant with oversized proportions. It’s long lance shaped leaves grow to two metres and the large arching flower spikes, reach out above the foliage. It’s a must for any architectural landscape design.


Acer Senkaki (Coral Bark Maple) add color to the landscape all year round but really stand out in winter when their branches are bare and the bright red colored bark is visible. Under planting these trees with masses of contrasting foliage colors, such as Arthropodiums or Loropetalums will make an awesome display.

Coral Bark Maple

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