2 reasons why your plants are dying or lacking vigor

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callistemon comboynensis

We get heaps of people coming to Kilby asking us why plants are either dying or lacking vigor. The two most common reasons are drainage and plant selection.


Plant roots are like our feet, they need to breathe, if you feet are constantly wet and soggy, they will start to smell and eventually rot, well the same goes for plants and their roots! If the plant sits in a watery hole their roots will rot and the plant will die.

  • Digging the planting hole twice the size of the pot breaks up the soil and improves drainage.
  • Adding Gypsum to the existing soil will create soil structure preventing heavy clay turning into sludge, aiding drainage.

But most importantly, having an engineered drainage plan in the designed landscape will be the best solution to wet and waterlogged soils in gardens. It is usually an expense that people choose to ignore as it is never see, but adding drainage down the track will be a much more expensive venture.

Plant selection

Plants that are able to live in compacted conditions are usually suitable to areas with poor drainage. And choosing plants that will live in these conditions will be by far the most cost effective option available.
Many plants are available that will thrive and are all suitable to wet boggy conditions in such as Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’, Bamboo Species, Callistemon, Plane Trees, willows and Poplars.

One last point, water does not recognize property boundaries and may affect many properties in a large area but water is a valuable resource and the backbone of our industry.

Good luck and happy planting.

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