2 Simple Ways to Prevent Aphid Attacks (and what to do when they strike)

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prevent aphid attacks

Aphids! It’s that time of year again. As soon as the weather starts to change and the humidity rises, Aphids start appearing. but you can prevent aphid attacks.

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These little sap sucking ladies descend from the atmosphere once they have seen a nice green patch to land. Roses, Helleborus, and our Viburnums are a favorite of these little pests. If you’ve got some beautiful rose buds appearing, aphids are almost inevitable.

Attacking the new soft shoots, Aphids can either; stunt and deform the new growth, and/or infect the host plant with a number of viruses that can potentially kill the plant. Some Ant Species also farm the Aphids for their sweet excretion, spreading them all over the plant making the problem even worse.

But there are a few simple ways you can prevent aphids from attacking.

1. Set up white shade cloth to protect your plants or garden.
White shade cloth has been known to prevent aphid infestations. The colour confuses the aphids, and they have trouble identifying and then targeting plants from the air.

2. Use brightly coloured mulch
This follows the same line of thought as the white shade cloth. With brightly colored mulch, the aphids won’t be able to tell if it’s a delicious rose bud or mulch on the ground.

But sometimes if worst comes to worst, death is the only way.

Quickly spray the plant with a targeted insecticide as soon as you start to see them. There are ‘Eco’ friendly pesticides that you can use, but here at Kilby Tree Farm the top wholesale plant Melbourne Nursery we use chemical pesticides, as they are fast acting and keep our plants and trees in the best condition possible.

What methods do you use apart from above listed methods to prevent aphid attacks?

Happy hunting.


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