20 Years of National Tree Day

This Sunday will mark the 20th anniversary of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day, a fun and inspiring event aimed to get people actively planting trees and plants across the country. Two decades on and three million trees planted later, the effort is still going strong!

Today thousands of local children will be out getting their hands dirty, learning about the importance of planting new trees and looking forward to seeing them grow.

An especially important part of National Tree Day is the restoration of native trees. Creating ‘green corridors’ of local native plant options is not only beautiful but can assist indigenous animals, increase the quality of nearby water supplies, and encourages bird life. We currently have some beautiful natives available – The flowering gums Corymbia ficifolia “Baby Orange” and “wild fire” in particular are stand outs for beautiful blossoms and their contribution to native fauna – Koalas and birds love them!

Corymbia ficifolia “Wild Fire” (Flowering gum)

Find a local event this Sunday to attend here or if you’d like to find out more about ongoing bushland projects, Landcare and Bushcare always love a volunteer.


Happy National Tree Day!

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