3 Striking Trees for Larger Gardens

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When working with larger gardens, you need dramatic trees to compliment the scale of the landscape. Here are three stunning trees that we think could help you achieve this.

Liriodendron tulipifera (above)

These fantastic trees are capable of growing to a huge size, but thanks to the harsh Melbourne climate they never really grow to their full mature height.

Tulip trees are used predominantly to create shade or used as a single specimen tree in a large lawn where they can be appreciated for their beautiful autumn colour.

The small light green flowers appear in spring, but go mostly unnoticed as they blend into the fresh spring growth.

Tulip Trees are fast growing and requiring little maintenance which makes these trees a great choice for any large garden.


Parrotia persica

This medium sized tree is well known for it’s beautiful autumn colors. Yellow, orange and red – just stunning. The new young foliage is tinted with bronze and then deepens into a dark green.

Parrotia is a hardy tree that does well under all conditions.


Magnolia exmouth

This stunning tree is famous for it’s beautiful large fragrant white flowers that appear in Summer. They can grow up to 8m and make a stunning centerpiece for any large garden.

All these trees are available at Kilby Park Tree Farm in a variety of pot sizes – so give us a ring if you’d like to find out more! You can get us on 03 9859 9190.

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