6 Spectacular Native Australian Gardens

A well designed and well thought Native Australian garden is worth it’s weight in gold. It often takes a visionary designer to make use of the dusted pallet, but if you’re working with a native backdrop, you can use that to extend your garden. Native Australian gardens are renowned for attracting birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Add to this the use of rocks and running water – you have every ingredient you need to create a very serene and relaxing space.

Here are 6 Native Australian Gardens that have inspired us.

1. Robert Boyle – Moorooduc

rb2 rb_1

Fiona Brockoff Design

fiona brockoff native australian garden fb_country-coastal_106

Trailfinders Australian Garden at Chelsea

Trailfinder's Australian Garden (2)-qpr



Willie Wildlife Sculptures


and last but not least..

Simon Griffiths

Driveway at Cruden Farm native australian garden


At Kilby, we’re currently stocking some beautiful Native Australian stock.

Give us a ring on 039859 9190 if you’d like any help in creating a spectacular Native Australian garden.

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