8 Secrets about Kilby Park Tree Farm that no one ever told you

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Kilby Park Tree Farm Secrets

We welcome empty plastic pots for recycling

If you’ve got left over pots from your jobs, bring them to us! We’ve got a recycling program that makes good use of them. Save yourself a trip to the tip as well as the tip fees.

We deliver all over Melbourne including coastal areas.

For your convenience we’re happy to deliver plants and trees to site.

We have a resident fox named Michael J. She loves to watch the boys pot up.

Michael J is a mama fox who lives at Kilby. Last year she gave birth to three beautiful cubs – when there was no more work left to do, we’d be down at the creek watching them play. Tom named them Lindsey, Jamie and Megan.


We’re proud to be part of the 202020 Vision

We believe that the more trees we have in the environment, correctly planted, placed and cared for, will be one of the key factors in helping to absorb the ever growing stress large populations put on the areas we live in. That’s why we support the 202020 Vision.

We have a heritage listed River Red Gum on site

On our grounds, we have a beautiful 300 year old Eucalyptus camaldulensis that has been awarded a tree of significant merit by the Booroondara council. What a stunner! Ask us to view the tree next time you visit.

Heritage Listed Tree At Kilby

We have a retail outlet called The Tree Shop at 200 Burwood Road, Hawthorn

This is for our non-trade customers. The Tree Shop has a full range of Kilby Park Tree Farm stock and is open to the general public.

We have a new website featuring our own in-house drones exclusive footage

Ever wanted a birds eye view of your landscapes and gardens? We did too! We recently purchased a drone and captured some beautiful shots of our grounds. You can check it out here.

We’re not open weekends

We’re open from 8am – 4pm on Monday – Friday.

So, did anything surprise you?

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