A mindful start to the month at Kilby

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This month we are growing great trees AND great minds at the farm.

Two weeks ago we told you about our commitment to Mindful in May, a fantastic challenge that benefits the giver and the receiver. Each challenger is given a program to learn Mindful meditation, 10 minutes a day, for the entire month of May. In return, donations are made on behalf of that person to encourage their attempt, which go towards providing clean drinking water in developing countries. A clear mind and clean water – Perfect. You can donate to our team here.

This week we also came across a powerful message about compassion and integrity that works directly in with Kilby’s dedication to the environment. Prince Ea, a Youtube hip hop sensation, combines rap with social change. This week we’ve decided to share his moving video ‘Dear Future Generations – Sorry’ – A reminder of the importance of the Earth, and how we rely on it to live, that isn’t hopeless. Here at Kilby we are blessed to work with plants and look forward to always supporting a greener future. Have a watch and be inspired:


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