About Albert Park Nursery

Albert Park is located in the serene suburb located 4 km south of Melbourne’s CBD in Victoria, Australia. Kilby Tree Farm stands out as more than just a nursery here. This vibrant place offers a blend of tranquillity and activity as visitors enjoy leisurely activities like jogging, cycling and strolling near the lake.

Our Albert Park nursery is a wholesale nursery offering a unique advantage over retail purchasing and ensuring that Albert Park customers benefit from the nonpareil quality and customised services tailored to the needs of landscapers and horticulture experts. Kilby is not just your supplier but also supports Melbourne’s green spaces by being sustainable.

Albert Park Nursery is a focal point for plant aficionados and professionals alike. We provide unmatched quality and a wide range of plant species at a reasonable price. Our catalogue includes a wide array of selections regarding native and exotic plants, trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Our skilled team in Albert Park is primed to create a space required for a garden retreat to large-scale commercial landscaping projects.