About Balaclava Nursery

Located in Melbourne’s dynamic landscape, Balaclava is an inner suburb nestled within the City of Port Phillip in Victoria, Australia. It stands 7 km southeast of the city’s Central Business District with a population of 5,392 per the 2021 census. This historic suburb pays homage to its namesake – the renowned Battle of Balaclava, fought during the Crimean War. Kilby’s Wholesale Nursery in this historically affluent suburb is a prime destination for trade clients searching for premium horticultural offerings. Our Balaclava Nursery goes beyond traditional supply roles to elevate your landscaping endeavours.

Kilby’s Nursery in Balaclava has emerged as a premiere destination for plant enthusiasts and industry experts, providing top-notch quality, a vast assortment of plant species and exceptional value. Our collection features diverse native and exotic plants, trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Whether envisioning a serene garden oasis or tackling significant commercial landscaping endeavours, our skilled staff in Balaclava is well-prepared to meet your needs with unrivalled service and proficiency.