Top 8 Benefits of Ground Cover Plants

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Benefits of Ground Cover Plants

What are Ground Cover Plants?

As the name suggests, ground cover plants are floral varieties that grow in the ground and cover the outdoor floor area with a beautiful ensemble of greenery. If you are unhappy with the look and condition of your outdoor ground area, you can brighten it up with ground cover plants which help to fill in gaps, create soft edges in the garden and add to the overall formation of your garden’s environment. These plants grow outwards not upwards and stay low if maintained well. They help to suppress the weeds, blend well into the ground space and will create a dramatic ground covering that adds a striking visual attraction to your outdoor space across all the dimensions.

Perennial ground cover plants are evergreen varieties that provide colour and texture throughout the year with regular flowering. Convert your sandy, dirt or soil laden outdoor ground area into a habitable space that promotes a healthy environment for ground cover plants. Not only will this tidy up your outdoor space but keep the area clean and free from dust, dirt and pests. Ground cover plants are a low-cost solution without extraordinary maintenance that will stay in shape and look healthy all the time.

Benefit of ground cover plants

Benefits of Ground Cover Plants

Ground cover plants are suitable for all types of outdoor spaces. You can transform a tired looking back yard, front yard, driveway or side path with a visual display of greenery on the ground so that your outdoor area looks tidy, refined and beautiful all over. There are many types of ground cover plants to choose from to suit your exact needs and requirements. Here is a list of the benefits of ground cover plants.

Fed up with endless amount of weeds

Weeds are prevalent everywhere and are considered opportunistic given they like to grow anywhere they find space. No matter how much weed killer spray you use in your garden, weeds will continue to grow on the ground, in pots and anywhere where there is a healthy spot to develop. To suppress weeds and instead grow healthy plants where weeds tend to propagate, ground cover plants offer an important alternative to cover up unused ground space.

Easy To Grow

If you are after low maintenance ground cover plants, we have them all. Without too much effort and maintenance, ground cover plants will grow outwards where there is soil and space to do so. The plants can be installed on your own without a professional and are easy to lay where space is available. To ensure that they do survive, it is important to ensure that there is healthy soil available so that they flourish rather than wither.

Don’t require fertilizer

Ground cover plants are hardy floral varieties and do not require nutrients or fertilisers on a regular basis. They absorb nutrients from the soil and ground water, and will thrive even where the owners don’t have green thumbs! It is important however to ensure that if the ground cover plants are looking tired or weak, liquid fertiliser can help to give a boost in strength.

Do well in Rainfall

Since ground cover plants are located on the ground and will absorb moisture from the earth, they do well in rainfall and require less frequent watering throughout the year. While you water the garden, it will help to quickly spray water mist on the ground however it is not essential. In Australia’s climate there is regular rainfall along the coastline and that will be sufficient to keep ground cover plants healthy.

Don’t require pesticides

For those who do not like to add pesticides in their property, ground cover plants do not require these harmful chemicals to stay healthy. Instead they naturally repel pests and continue to thrive even at low levels without much attention. It is important that the ground cover plants are kept in shape to avoid overcrowding the outdoor space and becoming a home for unwanted pests.

Beautiful ground

Ground cover plants help to create a beautiful ground display to enhance boring outdoor areas. Cover up ground space that is lacking in colour and texture with native or ornamental ground cover plants that will set your garden apart from the pack. The plants are easy to maintain and are situated low so that they can be accessed at any time of the year.

All season flowers

The benefit of ground cover plants is that they are all season flowers and will remain evergreen and flower regularly throughout the year. This is ideal when you want to add colour to your garden to enhance its look without having to install non-natural items. Ground cover plants support the local ecosystem and create a healthy environment for humans, wildlife, pets and insects.

Perfect backyard garden

If the ground in your backyard is looking boring with sand, dirt and weeds filling up the space, help to convert those unpleasant looking gaps with healthy plants that will stay strong and thrive all year round. Ground cover plants can be planted between pavers, around concrete slabs, as borders around flower beds and in many other ways so that you can create the ultimate backyard garden.

What we have for you

We have a wide variety of ground cover plants in Australia available at Kilby Park Tree Farm.

If you are after a dense mat of foliage that will look the part all year round, this ground cover plant is a popular option. The variety is fast growing and its glossy dark green leaves in the shape of a spear provide a great visual feast in any garden. During summer, the fragrant flowers blossom providing a welcoming atmosphere to your outdoor space.

  • Dragon’s Blood (sedum spurium)

This perennial ground cover plant is a favourite because of its colour – bright green leaves with burgundy edges. The mat forming plant with fleshy leaves create a round rosette flower that will spread fast along the ground. Providing a vivid contrast against natural tones, this ground cover plant tolerates semi-shade environments and will thrive in almost all soil conditions.

  • Carpet Bugleweed (ajuga reptans)

If you want to smother out weeds with a healthy plant that offers great ground coverage, look no further than this common variety. The blooms are typically purple or white and they flower throughout the year and will creep around your outdoor area. They do need to be maintained to ensure that they spread where required, however will survive on average rainfall and little to no fertilisers.

  • Creeping Phlox (phlox subulata)

This spring blooming ground cover plant is particularly common when paired with rock formations. You will also see this variety growing through crevices in stone. The purple flowers complement natural stone and concrete tones and provide an amazing visual spectacle around the garden perimeter. Since this variety enjoys being in the sun, it will cover all areas where shade is non-existent.

Frequently Asked Questions – Benefits of Ground Cover Plants

How long does it take for ground cover to spread

Depending on the type of ground cover plant, it can spread slow or fast. The speed will be determined by the climate conditions and whether the soil and environment promote growth.

What is the best drought tolerant ground cover

The best drought tolerant ground cover plant is Wild Thyme. This is a low maintenance variety that is hardy even when the ground is dry. It can withstand heavy foot traffic too!

Which is the fastest growing ground cover plant

There are many fast growing benefits of ground cover plants. Some of the fastest varieties include Moss Phlox, Trailing Periwinkle and Sweet Woodruff. These varieties will cover the ground fast and hide the weeds.

Which is a good ground cover to prevent weeds

Variegated Snow on the Mountain is a great variety to prevent weeds. As a fast growing plant with small white flowers, your weeds will be lost among the beautiful foliage and fragrance.

What ground cover can you walk on

You can walk on many ground cover plants including Wild Thyme and Moss Phlox. Most ground cover plants are resilient and will not deteriorate or die because of being trampled on.

What ground cover grows best in shade

The best ground cover plants that grow well in shade include Variegated Snow on the Mountain. This is a perfect variety around the base of trees as it enjoys growing away from the sun.


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