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best evergreen trees melbourne

Evergreen Trees

One of the best things about our Melbourne climate is the ability to have a lush, green garden all year round. Evergreen trees are an important feature of our landscape and are a much sort after addition to most gardens. And while they may be in leaf all year round, that doesn’t mean they can’t provide seasonal interest!

They can be productive, cast beautiful deep shade or provide a year-round screen between neighbours. Many of the native varieties are great for providing food and shelter for local wildlife and add great curb appeal to a property.

So no matter what landscape you are creating, it is definitely worth add a few evergreen trees to give year round beauty and colour to the garden.

best evergreen trees australia

Below is a list of our favourite evergreen trees that we offer at Kilby Park Tree Farm.

#1. Corymbia ficifolia varieties – Flowering Gums

With a dense canopy of large gum leaves and a range of mature heights to suit all manner of gardens, the main draw card of Corymbia ficifolia varieties are the masses of brightly coloured flowers in Spring.

Flowers come in a range of colours, from rich reds, pretty pinks and vibrant oranges! The flowers are a favourite for bees and nectar eating birds, so they are the perfect evergreen tree if you are looking to bring wildlife to the landscape.

We stock the following varieties:

corymbia ficifolia precious pinkevergreen trees
corymbia ficifolia baby orange

#2. Elaeocarpus R. Primadonna

These upright, evergreen trees are fast becoming a favourite for Melbourne landscapers. Their columnar habit makes them a great choice for informal screening, and the everchanging colours of the foliage means there is never a dull moment with these beautiful natives! And best of all, they produce a magnificent display of pink bell-shaped flowers in Spring, making them one of the most attractive evergreen trees available!

prima donna elaeocarpus reticulatuselaeocarpus prima donna

#3. Tristaniopsis Luscious

Talk about LUSH! These stunning evergreen trees have a dense canopy of large, glossy green leaves, making them an excellent choice for a contemporary garden. Their creamy-gray bark stands out beautifully against a dark back ground, and their narrow habit makes them a useful tree to add to a plant pallet.

tristaniopsis luscious melbournetristaniopsis luscious for sale

#4. Brachychiton Griffiths Pink

A medium growing tree that is full of character, this evergreen native is sure to be a hit in the landscape. Broad, pointed leaves are zesty green, providing the perfect backdrop for the masses of bright pink flowers that cover the tree in Summer, adding colour to the garden and lots of interest. A great choice for native and contemporary gardens alike!

brachychiton griffith pinkbrachychiton populneus griffith pink

#5. Citrus Varieties

These evergreen fruit trees are mostly thought of for their productive qualities. But there is nothing more handsome than a lush, well shaped citrus tree. Whether they are in full bloom, perfuming the air, or loaded with colourful, delicious fruit, citrus trees make a great addition to a Melbourne garden.

Citrus Varieties available are:

citrus trees melbourne australiacitrus trees for sale

#6. Corymbia Scentuous

Everyone loves the graceful swaying foliage of the Lemon Scented gum, but their mature size can make them difficult to blend into the average garden. That’s where Corymbia Scentuous comes in! This stunning evergreen tree has all the looks (and perfumes) of the Lemon Scented Gum but grows to a very handy mature size of 7m tall by 3m wide. An elegant evergreen option for a sunny landscape.

corymbia scentuous

#7. Magnolia Kay Parris

Magnolias are a great source of foliage colour, striking flowers and sweet perfume. The evergreen Magnolia Kay Paris is no exception to this rule. Large, glossy green leaves have a beautiful rusty brown underside that provides year round interest and colour. In Summer large pearly white flowers adorn the trees and their lovely fragrance is a favourite of many.

magnolia kay parrismagnolia kay parris melbourne Best Evergreen Trees

#8. Olive Varieties

These evergreen trees are perhaps the most readily recognized trees across the city. The silvery foliage of Olive trees is not only hardy, but beautiful in almost any context. Perfect for coastal and urban gardens and perfect for growing in pots, they thrive in our hot Summers and bring a cool edge to the garden. To further add to their appeal, they are also productive, making them one of the most useful trees to use in the Melbourne landscape.

Varieties available are:

olive tree varieties melbourneolive varieties in australia Best Evergreen Trees

#9. Wollemia Nobilis, Wollemi Pine

These living fossils are a striking evergreen tree that will be the focal point of any garden. The elegant feathery foliage flushes first bright green, before maturing to the iconic dark jungle green. These long lived trees have an upright habit, and do best with protection from harsh summer conditions. In the right spot they will transform a landscape, making for an extraordinary feature year round.

wollemia nobilis for sale Best Evergreen Trees

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