About Blackburn Nursery

Located 16 km east of Melbourne’s CBD, Blackburn emerges as a dynamic suburb within the City of Whitehorse in Victoria, Australia. Boasting a population of 14,478 residents per the 2021 census, Blackburn’s name’s origin remains shrouded in mystery, possibly linking to an early settler or the renowned James Blackburn, famed for designing the Yan Yean Reservoir. Kilby Tree Farm Nursery in Blackburn is a shining model for trade customers seeking high-calibre horticultural products, focusing on sustainability and quality.

The Blackburn wholesale Nursery serves as a central point for plant aficionados and industry experts, offering top-notch quality, a wide array of plant species and outstanding value. Our inventory covers a diverse range of native and exotic plants, trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Whether you are designing a serene garden retreat or embarking on an essential commercial landscaping project, our expert staff in Blackburn is equipped to cater to your needs with exceptional service and expertise.