About Burwood Nursery

Burwood is a captivating suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, New South Wales, just 10 km from Sydney Central Business District. Serving as the administrative nucleus for the Municipality of Burwood, this area offers a harmonious blend of modern amenities and community spirit. Explore Burwood Heights and Appian Way, known for its Federation-style homes. Kilby Tree Farm is situated in Burwood and is a shining example for customers looking for premium horticultural products. Our Burwood Nursery is dedicated to supplying a wide range of plants and trees. Emphasising sustainability and excellence, Kilby is not just a wholesale plants supplier but an ally for your landscaping projects.

Burwood Wholesale Nursery is a sanctuary for plant enthusiasts and industry experts, offering exceptional quality, a wide array of plant species and extraordinary value. Our inventory covers a wide variety of native and exotic plants, trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Whether you are designing a serene garden retreat or undertaking a significant commercial landscaping project, our skilled team in Burwood Nursery is prepared to cater to your needs with unmatched service and expertise.