About Carlton Nursery

Carlton is an inner-city oasis just three km north of Melbourne’s CBD district. Carlton’s fame is nationwide for its iconic Little Italy precinct along Lygon Street. The suburb exudes its wealth of 19th-century Victorian architecture and verdant garden squares like the esteemed Carlton Gardens. Discover Kilby Tree Farm, situated in the suburb of Carlton, as it is a prime choice for top-notch quality horticultural goods tailored for trade customers. Our Carlton Nursery, steeped in its historical significance and community spirit, reflects these values by providing an extensive selection of plants and trees precisely curated for industry experts. Aiming at sustainability and quality, Kilby stands out as more than a traditional supplier to become a trustworthy partner in enriching and transforming your landscaping visions.

Immerse yourself in the botanical paradise of Kilby’s Wholesale Plant Nursery in Carlton, where plant lovers and industry experts seek excellence, a vast selection of plant varieties and exceptional value. Our shelves are brimming with a wide variety of native and exotic plants, trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Whether crafting a serene garden escape or embarking on a large-scale commercial landscaping venture, our expert team at Carlton Nursery is well-prepared to catapult your botanical projects to new heights with unmatched service and knowledge.