Catching up with Maja, the newest member of Kilby Park

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Thankfully for us, Maja swapped snow for sunshine when she moved to Australia in 2009. With roots originally grown back in Sweden, she’s our team’s newest member.

She’s an absolute hit with the customers, but we have the pleasure of working with her every day. Since starting she’s made a real difference, injecting some youthful energy and creativity down here at the farm. We caught up with her to find out how she’s getting on and what she loves the most about working at Kilby. 

Hi Maja. It seems like you’re a part of the furniture already. How long have you been working at Kilby Park for now?
Oh god! I’m glad you think so. Not too long, I’ve been here four months next week. I Started during winter, so I’m eager for my first summer at the farm!

Where did you work before joining Kilby?
After I got my diploma in horticulture I became self employed, conducting garden maintenance duties. After that I joined The Tree Shop, which is Kilby Park’s retail branch of the business. After working a few months there I transferred to Kilby Park to work in Wholesale Nursery with trade-only customers! 

How are you finding it, are you settling in OK?
I like to think I’m getting there! Sometimes I tend to get a little confused or overwhelmed, but the lovely Kilby staff and incredible customers make me feel more than welcome and make me realise it’s a very special job.

What does a normal day involve for you?
There’s no strict schedule. It all depends on which face is next through the gates and what they require to complete their different projects. In the morning I’m often found talking to customers on the phone; processing orders; contributing advice and tailoring orders for specific jobs, and making clients feel welcome by having a walk round our site with them and having a chat.

If its quiet, I’m pitching in and helping the guys out with whatever needs to be done. Condensing, weeding, watering, fertilising and transporting stock.. The list is endless and there’s always something to be done!

What is your favourite part of the job?
Wow, that’s a hard question. It’s hard to single out one thing specifically, it’s everything together. I think it’s Kilby’s vibe and atmosphere!

Being involved in a workplace atmosphere which allows you to be surrounded by beautiful plants and amazing workmates would be enough as it is, but working on Kilby’s stunning 10-acre site is truly special. I don’t know if there’s another place in Melbourne like it, especially not this close to the city. It’s truly unique, and on my breaks I get to skirt around the small lake, or get lost amongst the rows of stock. 

And one last question Maja. Why do you think customers choose Kilby?
Haha, well I like to think it’s because of the friendly staff! But I’m sure there are a number of reasons. I’m sure the relationship we have with our customers is a big aspect, but we’re also industry leaders in providing the highest quality stock tailored to industry professionals.

We source all of our stock either locally in Victoria or from the fresh air of northern NSW, and our quality control down here is exceptional. Our customers know we’re not going to sell them shoddy of sub-standard stock. I also think the experience of coming down to Kilby is a big attraction – getting to spend a little slice of your day down here walking around and taking everything in can be a welcome break from work to some!

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