Deciduous Trees Australia – Planting Guide

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Deciduous trees Australia


At Kilby Tree Farm we love our deciduous trees and we have a huge range in all shapes and sizes. Planting deciduous trees allows for more sun to enter into a courtyard, a garden or the house during the cold winter months, before they become shade trees once spring and summer hit. Deciduous trees are a great showcase throughout the year. There is so much that can be done with them, and winter is the perfect time to prune and plant them. Deciduous trees go dormant in the winter months, storing their energy, which is why pruning them and planting them is easier and less stressful for the trees.


Planting a deciduous tree in winter is a great way to establish a tree before the hot summer months.

During winter, it is easier to see the form, shape and personality of the tree. When planting a tree, always dig a whole a little bit wider than the pot of the tree, this way it will allow easier planting, as well as room for soil, compost and other soil amendments. Once the tree is planted, make sure to water and it is always a good idea to add a seaweed or kelp fertiliser and this promotes root growth.



Pruning deciduous trees in Winter is preferred, both for the trees and the gardener. It is a lot easier to see overcrowded branches and more likely to see the shape of the tree once it is all pruned, making it easier for the gardener. As deciduous trees are dormant during Winter, pruning them causes minimal stress, making it easier for the trees. However, only prune trees when they need to. If a tree does not need to be stressed, the better for the tree.

watering can


Although deciduous trees do not have leaves in Winter, some of them have stunning bark that makes them a yearlong feature tree in your garden.

Acer palmatum ‘Senkaki’ is one such species. The Coral Bark maple gets its name for the vivid red crimson colour of the stems that are incredibly vibrant during the Winter months. This tree has amazing colour all throughout the year, with bright green foliage in summer, dazzling buttery yellow foliage in autumn and then the spectacular red bark in winter.

Acer palmatum Senkaki

Another amazing deciduous tree that has great character in winter is the Betula Moss White, or White moss Birch. In winter, one can admire its white and straight peeling bark. An avenue of these remarkable trees in winter would be a sight to see. In summer, these trees have such delicate foliage that it makes them another great tree to see all year around.

Betula Moss White Tree

Magnolia Soulangeana is another beautiful specimen that displays marvelous flowers in late winter. With green foliage in Summer and the tulip shape flowers in winter, Magnolia Soulangeana can make any garden pop.

Magnolia Soulangeana


Not only are deciduous trees great in winter, they are superb in the autumn months.

Parrotia persica is an amazing tree that has the most wonderful light orange colour in Autumn, making it a spectacular feature tree.

Parrotia persica

One of our most popular range of trees are the Ornamental pears, with a fantastic variety of reds, maroons, and oranges shades in Autumn. These trees are terrific avenue trees that will make any streetscape look radiant.

Our lipstick maples Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Blaze’ and Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’ have breathtaking foliage in the autumn months, so stunning, that customers have told us they have to stop and absorb the beauty of the trees.

Acer rubrum Autumn Blaze

Cannot forget to mention the Gingko biloba or Maidenhair Tree. This tree is beloved by many as it has a bright yellow foliage in Winter and an amazing lime green foliage during the summer months.

Gingko biloba


Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ too has incredible autumn foliage and beautiful Summer leaves. With a copper like colour in autumn, this tree is another one of our more popular trees and we just can not get enough of its stunning look.

Cercis Forest Pansy Melbourne

Lagerstroemia varieties can flaunt their amazing bark in winter, but their autumn colours are so vibrant that they are a showstoppers. Known for their peeling bark, the Crepe Myrtles are incredibly popular.



Deciduous trees have a new look with every changing season.

Ornamental Pears have an incredible blossom in spring, white and fluffy. As avenue trees, the landscape of the city always looks soft and beautiful in the spring with these amazing feature trees.

Ornamental Pear

Crab Apples (Malus) variety are also an amazing tree in the spring, displaying beautiful flowers with delicate fragrance. These small trees pack a punch looking great in spring and summer.

Malus floribunda

Weeping cherries, both ‘Snofozam’ and ‘Pinkasham’ are too beautiful not to mention when talking about spring blossoms. Small flowers form on the branches of these trees, cascading from the top of the tree. These varieties are a perfect specimen for Japanese gardens.

Weeping cherries SnofozamWeeping cherries Pinkasham

Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ looks fabulous in spring with small purple flowers that cover the tree, making it another great specimen for all year around features.

cercis forest pansy tree

Deciduous trees are not only amazing in Summer, but they have something to offer all year around. Whether it is foliage, bark, or blossoms, watching deciduous trees change with the seasons is a show worth waiting for.