3 Best Flowering Dogwood Tree in Australia 2023

best dogwood tree australia

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees are often loved for their stunning bracts during Spring, and are a popular item for bridal bouquets and floral arrangements, but what about the cooler months? This month, our Kilby dogwoods have shown off their spectacular Autumn foliage.

At the farm we currently have three dogwood options available. All dogwoods available feature bright green leaves, beautiful flower bracts with insignificant petals in the centre, and in summer will develop ornamental fruit that birds love.

3 Best Flowering Dogwood Tree

#1: Cornus Kousa

A native of Japan, Korea and parts of China, this offers white flower bracts in late Spring. Grows 8 – 12m tall and looks striking as a focus plant.

Left: Via Eurodogwoods.com  Right: Via BFS.biz  

#2: Cornus k. Satomi:

Cornus k. Satomi offers heavenly pink bracts in Spring and is an upright spreading cultivar that attracts butterflies. Depending on planting, flower bracts can range from a delicate to deep pink – A perfect choice for a landscape needing a pop of colour.


Left: Via CNBhomes.com  Right: Via Yearroundveggiegarden.blogspot.com

#3: Cornus ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’:

Cornus ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’ has a narrow form and lax layered branching habit with stunning white bracts. This option is a hybrid of Cornus Florida and Cornus Nutallii and made resistant to dogwood anthracnose. Like all dogwoods, Eddies White Wonder makes for a wonderful backdrop layer to garden designs, or stands alone as a stunning tree.

Cornus 'Eddie's White Wonder’ Dogwood tree

Left: Kahootsdesign.com  Right: Eurodogwoods.com

For an option that delights throughout the year, we can’t go past the dogwood – Pop in to have a look today and plant in happy anticipation of Spring. Seen any in your travels? Share your finds with us on the #kilbyparktreefarm tag on Instagram.

Come in and see us during the week at Kilby Park Tree Farm– Wholesale Plant Nursery to look over extensive range of Dogwood Trees for any landscaping or design project. Call 03 9859 9190 for more information.

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    I please need your help as I’m wanting to plant Dogwoods. I live in the North East area of Victoria at Yarrawonga 3730. Can you advise me if my nearest retail nursery that you supply, so I can order through your business
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