Get Mindful in May with Kilby Park!

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We are delighted to share with you that Kilby Park Tree Farm will be supporting Mindful In May, an initiative that helps get clean water to those who most need it by encouraging participants to practice Mindful Meditation 10 minutes a day through a month long guided program.

Mindful in May is a win-win challenge that benefits the participant as well as the cause. While your sponsorship supports Charity Water, who build clean water projects in developing countries, your 10 minute daily practice promotes well being and focus in your life on an ongoing basis. By learning to switch off the chatter in your mind, you’re promoting mental wellness with well documented knock on effects such as better quality sleep, more energy, improved immunity and simply coping better with the stresses of life – no yoga mat or fancy stretch pants required.


Kilby wholeheartedly supports the dual benefit of the cause and we hope we can be joined by many individuals and groups in the landscaping and horticulture community to challenge themselves. For a beneficial ten minute break a day, you could be changing the life of the 1 in 9 people who live without access to clean drinking water. Sign up today for the challenge that gives while you receive. Find out more at

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