Keep Cosy: 10 Greenhouses to love, covet and inspire

We love being amongst plants, but sometimes the frost of winter is just a little too much. This week we are inspired by the beauty of the humble greenhouse, and the escape from the cold that they also bring. No longer stuck in the realm of daggy old designs, greenhouses can be customised to suit a variety of landscape designs, from rustic to ultra modern. Below, we share our top 10 favourites:

1. The classic potters greenhouse: Part storage, part greenhouse, we love the pop of spearmint on the door.

2. Romantic rustic: This greenhouse creates a stunning focal point for a field of wildflowers. Gorgeous in any season!

3. Classic timber: We think this greenhouse would look only better with age, and love the modern shape.

creative greenhouses

4. The upcycled space saver: No room? DIY with old windows and furniture pieces!

5. The sunny attachment: We love how this greenhouse is a part of the home, and can be used for storage.

6. The polished finish: This stunning Edwardian style greenhouse goes beautifully with a manicured courtyard.

greenhouses with pond

7. The Dream: An indoor orangery complete with pond? We’d probably never leave.

8. The Convert: Convert your dingy old shed into a cosy space for your plants.

9. The ultra modern: We love the clean lines and Scandinavian vibe of this greenhouse.

backyard greenhouses

10. The Classic: Veggie patch, old tin rainwater catchment and tidy little greenhouse? Perfect.

Do you have a greenhouses in your yard? Show yours off on our Kilby tag on instagram – #kilbyparktreefarm

All images via Pinterest

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