Little space, big impact: Inspiration for courtyards and tight spots.

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Trees and a tight spot – While the combination might make you feel unsure, we’ve collected some spectacular examples of gardens and courtyards where the two have come together perfectly. The key? Balance, harmony and levels to create depth.

1. This sunny courtyard contrasts bright stone and paint with lush plant choices.

2. Layering and levels creates a modern jungle in this compact courtyard.

3. This maple makes for a stunning focal point, especially in Autumn.

4. Neat borders give this courtyard a luxurious feel without overwhelming the limited space.

5. Stepped levels create interest and allow the trees to be a feature all of their own.

6. This well planned landscape not only looks old euro chic, but adds depth to the yard.

Feeling inspired? Next week we will be sharing our pick of fastigiate breeds – the perfect compact tree for tight spots and high impact.

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