Lovely Lindens, or Limes

Lindens Trees Australia

Tilia cordata is a lovely tree from Europe. In its natural range it extends from Northern Spain through to Norway, East to Russia and down through the Adriatic coast. Known as the Linden, Little-leaf Linden (as opposed to Tilia americana, which has larger leaves), or the Lime tree (no relation to the Citrus), the Linden tree has been popular in European landscaping for centuries.

In Berlin there is a famous street lined with Lindens – Unter der Linden – and it has long been used for street planting in Eastern Europe. It is a  favourite for creating large avenues, and in particular, for pleaching. Here is an example of a beautiful pleached walk at Arley Hall:


Lindens are valued not just for their beauty. Very fine honey is made by bees from Linden pollen, and the flowers are used to treat throat ailments. Lindens have fine, close grained wood, making them useful for intricate carving.

Lindens are not demanding in terms of growing conditions. They can cope with clay soils, though, like most trees, they thrive in good, fertile soils. They have moderate water requirements over summer, and will need additional watering on very hot or windy days.  They are moderate growers, and are easily kept tidy with pruning when they are shaped or pleached.

We are very excited to be offering these beautiful trees to our customers.

(photo courtesy of ClockPostcards)

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