Mindful In May: An Update

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As many of you know, Kilby Park has been a part of the Mindful in May challenge, which involves practicing mindful meditation daily while raising money to provide clean drinking water for third world countries. Find out more about Mindful In May here.

5 minutes of meditation a day is the goal, so that’s not difficult right? You’d be surprised! 
Speaking to both Alex and Tanya, the two agreed that their main challenge was setting aside that time to actually do essentially nothing. Mindful meditation centres around the practice of letting go of thoughts and living in a moment – Something clearly very tricky for these two who are always busy on the farm.
As the centre of the Kilby tornado, Tanya is brilliant at doing fifty things at once and somehow keeping all balls in the air. Her encouragement for doing the challenge was a very busy May both at the Farm and at home, so she well knew that she needed all the practice she could have to keep sane! Her commitment to the task was brilliant, and hopes next week she can report back at the end of the challenge having achieved a new level of inner serenity.
Mindful in May
Alex, when asked about the challenge, gave me a suspiciously guilty look before laughing. I asked whether he thought his difficulty was a generational issue, being a young bloke in a world where you’re always switched on, and he agreed – “It’s hard to take a moment to sit and do nothing, when in that time you could be talking to someone, reading this or that, or just thinking about what you’d be doing after”.
Overall so far, Mindful in May has brought into focus the challenge of ‘Stopping’, a relevant thought when we’re all so busy being busy. If you’d like to find out more about Mindful Meditation and the benefits it can bring, or make a donation to the Kilby Team to go towards clean drinking water for those who need it most, check us out here.

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