Our favourite fastigiate

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Last week we brought you inspiration for tight spots to show you that a small design does not mean a boring design – or one that lacks trees!

favourite fastigiate

This week, we are listing our favourite fastigiate trees, perfect for both smaller landscapes and areas with limited lateral space, such as streetscapes, carparks and public recreational areas. All four are currently in stock and are making a beautiful impact this Autumn at the Farm.

Capital Pear

Pyrus c.’Capital’ Capital Pear

Looking for a plant that delights in every season? The Capital Ornamental Pear delivers. Enjoy the luscious green of glossy leaves through summer and early autumn, that turns to a variety of deep oranges and reds through late autumn into winter. Come Spring, this ornamental offer a stunning wash of white blossoms. We love the use of Capital Pears used to line a walkway – Perfect to appreciate throughout the seasons!

Carpinus b.’Fastigiata’ – French Hornbeam

This hornbeam fastigiate is a great option for those looking for a delicate leaf with an intriguing texture. With dense growth, Hornbeams placed closely together can be shaped to create screening, ideal for properties close to neighbouring buildings, and anticipate growth of up to 10 metres. Come Autumn, you can delight in the stunning golden-yellow of the leaves, as we currently are at Kilby Park.

Quercus p. Green Pillar

Oaks are a classic option for traditional landscapes, but standard varieties require a lot of space. This Pin oak grows to 14 metres, but with only a 3 metre width, perfect for large spaces requiring the stateliness of an oak with constricted lateral space such as carparks, streets and promenades. Enjoy a large, glossy dark green leaf during the warmer seasons, which develop into dark red and bronze in Autumn.


Betula p. fastigiata

This fastigiate birch is perfect for a design seeking a stunning tree with an ornamental bark. With it’s classic small triangular leaves, the birch reveals its papery silver trunk in winter that only becomes more interesting with age. Beautiful in clumps or rows, you can expect a 8 – 11 metre growth, with beautiful yellow foliage in Autumn.

Come by the Farm to check them out in person, or find more images of our stock on our instagram as we focus on Autumn colour in the up coming weeks.

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