Our newest variety – Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’

zelkova serrata bonsai

This handsome tree is a native of Japan, Korea and Northern China. The species is used extensively in Japan for landscaping because of its elegant form, rich Autumn colours and toughness.

Zelkova serrata is a member of the Elm family, and it bears a resemblance to the American Elm.  The trunk branches low, and creates a broad, spreading crown. In the cultivar ‘Green Vase’ the form is more upright, giving a more vase-shaped canopy. The leaves flush out bright green in spring, darkening through summer, and in Autumn change to yellow through to russet red, depending on the conditions. With age the bark flakes to reveal reddish tones.

Zelkova’s are tough, tolerating compacted or clay soils, air pollution, wind and, once established, drought. They thrive in richer, moister soils, but will perform well in less-than optimum conditions. They will cope with light shade as well as full sun.


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