Plant of the Month: Acer palmatum Senkaki

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If you’ve been to the Farm recently you may have noticed a splash of colour standing out, especially around the office. These are our beautiful Acer Palmatum Senkaki maples, a stunning Japanese tree worthy of our Plant of the Month.

Plant of the Month Acer palmatum Senkaki

Some of our beauties at Kilby Park

Like most Japanese varieties of Maples, Senkaki offers smaller leaves that go through spectacular colour changes throughout the year. New growth is bright green, standing out against the bright coral bark, before fading into apricot and all shades of red in the Autumn.

Left: Kilby Park Tree Farm. Right: Source

Beautiful as this may be, the Senkaki shows it’s true beauty and individuality in Winter. Standing out against the stark deciduous trees around it, the intense red of the Senkaki’s bark is fully revealed and makes for a wonderful focus when the rest of the garden is fading into its winter hues.

Left: Source  Right: Source

Like many Japanese Maples, Senkaki likes the dappled shade of larger trees nearby and makes for a beautiful spot of colour amongst evergreens, or placed in a group for a real punch. We love how the Senkaki has been placed in this traditional oriental garden below – Teamed with other plants that offer colour in Winter, the garden remains as beautiful and interesting as it would at the heigh of Spring.

Image via flickr

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