Acer palmatum ‘dissectum Seiryu’

Acer palmatum ‘dissectum Seiryu’

One of only a handful of upright dissectum Japanese maples, Acer palmatum ‘dissectum Seiryu’ has a light and airiness that is unsurpassed. This lovely small tree has filigree like foliage, bright green in Summer and a mix of red orange and gold in Autumn. Perfect for small gardens or courtyards where they can add height yet still allow the space to be bright and open. Best results are found when Acer palmatum ‘dissectum Seiryu’ is given regular water and protected from harsh sun and hot winds.

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Product Attributes

Common Name:

Lace Leaf Japanese Maple



Mature Size



Weeping Tree




dissectum Seiryu

Mature Height: 4m
Mature Width: 3m
Common Name: Lace Leaf Japanese Maple
Botanical Name: Acer palmatum 'dissectum Seiryu'
Foliage: Deciduous
Pot Size: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 100lt
Growth Rate: Moderate
Suitable for Pots: Yes
Suitable for Garden Beds: Yes
Produces Flowers: Yes
Flower Colour: Insignificant
Deciduous: Yes
Australian Native: No

Dry Tolerant : No
Sun Tolerant : Semi
Shade Tolerant : Yes
Pots/containers : Yes
Suitable Coastal Areas : No
Bird Attracting : N/A
Evergreen No
Deciduous Yes
Planting Season : Autumn-Spring
Flowering Season : N/A

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  1. My grandparents had this tree at their home back in the 1950s. Grandmother loved this variety so we thought we should plant this where possible.

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