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screening plants for privacy

With the warmer weather well and truly on its way, we’re spending more time outdoors in our gardens and backyards. And for most of us, a bit of privacy in these spaces equals more enjoyment and relaxation – not to mention keeping nosey neighbours at bay.

Creating a private retreat for clients with screening plants ticks all the boxes when it comes to privacy and sanctuary. A considered approach is an elegant combination of tall evergreens with deciduous trees and shrubs that sees the plants change with the four seasons for a more characteristic, responsive environment. Think lush foliage, shade and protection in summer, an auburn patina come autumn, the raw beauty of bare branches for winter and burgeoning greens and florals in spring.

Here’s a few inspired examples of screening plants now in stock at Kilby Park Tree Farm.

Waterhousia Floribunda.
The fastest of the advanced growers – a great solution for clients who need a quick result.

Waterhousia Floribunda

Photo: Anthony Wyer & Associates


Waterhousia floribunda

Kilby Park Tree Farm Waterhousia floribunda


Ficus hillii
This versatile, resilient and dense evergreen makes for a beautiful weeping canopy up to 6m high in urban environments.

Ficus ‘Flash’
One of the most popular native evergreen hedging plants, loved for its fast growth and lush, dense green foliage. Just add water (and a little love)


Kilby Tree Farm - Ficus Flash 20cm

Kilby Tree Farm – Ficus Flash 20cm


Acmena ‘ Sublime’
This lovely mid-sized tree is great for privacy, thanks to dense foliage from top to ground and even easier on the eyes come summer’s white fluffy flowers. Highly tolerant to all seasons and seaside gardens, we love this all round winner.

Acmena Sublime

Photo via

Kilby Park Tree Farm Acmena sublime

Kilby Park Tree Farm Acmena sublime


Syzygium ‘Select’
Bushy, glossy and dark green, this Australian native shrub is a fast grower and responds well to pruning, shaping, for privacy and hedging.

Photo: Danny Kildare Rolling Stone Designs

Photo: Danny Kildare Rolling Stone Designs


Kilby Park Tree Farm Syzygium select

Kilby Park Tree Farm Syzygium select

Come in and see us during the week at Kilby Park Tree FarmWholesale Plant Nursery to buy Screening Plants. Call 03 9859 9190 for more information.

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