Sunny Inspiration for Cold Days: Native and Coastal

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We’ve loved watching our deciduous varieties show off their Autumn colours, but sometimes you want something that looks spectacular year round. That’s why we’ve round up 10 stunning landscapes full of native options to keep you feeling toasty even when the weather would have you feeling otherwise.

The Essence of Australia garden in Cranbourne is a beautiful example of spectacular natives!

Native landscape design inspiration

We love this combination of stone and plant life – Pic via

Native garden design inspiration

A smattering of trees brings any native landscape to life.

Native landscape design inspiration

A beautiful low maintenance coastal inspiration.

Native garden design inspiration

Ferns and stone bring a touch of Gippsland wonder into this backyard design.

Native garden inspiration

A dry creek bed adds a point of interest to any landscape and juxtaposes with interesting plant options.

Native landscape garden inspiration

How stunning is this combination of textures – Native grasses, wood, stone and steel.

Native garden design inspiration

Keeping ponds and dams safe doesn’t mean compromising your design!

Native garden design inspiration

What a perfect example of levels and hierarchy! Fiona Brockoff Design.

Native garden design inspiration

Another dry creek bed design – Beautiful with lush plants.

Feeling inspired? We have a variety of native tree options currently available at the farm to get your design up and running!

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