Tanyas Plant of the Month: Luscious® Tristaniopsis

A hardy tree with stunning features, Luscious® Tristaniopsis is our Plant of the Month for March for a good reason.

Suitable for a wide range of soil types, Luscious® is a fantastic evergreen native sporting wide glossy leaves almost double the size of other tristaniopsis breeds. These large glossy leaves and a beautiful fragrance make it a great alternative to the Magnolia, and suit a variety of styles.

The native status does nothing to detract from Luscious®’ ability to blend into the most contemporary of settings. With a highly decorative bark, it is an ideal tree for pleaching, showing off a slender copper and cream trunk. Growing between 7 – 12 metres, Luscious® offers a wide range of styling options, attractive as both a feature plant and a grouped layout.

 Luscious® Tristaniopsis- A hardy, gorgeous tree that truly lives up to its luscious name and our definite favourite of the month. Find out more here.

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