Top 7 Plants that Did Well during Summer (and the heat waves.)

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While it’s no surprise that summer is hot, it really took us by surprise just how hot it was in January. That extreme heat wave, plus the high temps on other days made keeping our plants at the top of their game quite challenging. But interestingly the effect the heat had on our plants was pretty varied.

On the really hot days, we were so glad that we spent the time planning and installing a premium irrigation system. All plants need water to survive, but in extreme heat they might need to be watered up to three times a day. When you’re installing plants during summer, it’s important to keep them well hydrated.

Here are our top 7 plants that have done well this summer at Kilby Park.


1. Gardenias florida : Florists gardenia
Gardenias thrive in warm weather. They’re heat loving plants! They’re a native shrub from Asia, and they they prefer a spot in the garden that won’t get too much frost. During the heat wave, we gave them a good dose of water, and they rewarded us with an exquisite burst of sweet fragrance.


2. Murrayas paniculata : Orange jessamine
The Murrayas are a perfect hedge plant and they love hanging out in the sun – a great plant for Summer. In Spring and late Summer, Murrayas will produce beautiful creamy white flowers which smell like orange blossoms.


3. Buxus sempervirens : English box
This is another great hedging plant that is often used in formal gardens. They can be easily be clipped into formal topiary shaped spheres, cones or blocks for feature specimens.


4. Lorepetalum chinensis ‘China Pink’ : Pink fringe flower
We were surprised by how well our Lorepetalums did this summer. They’ve just exploded with colour! They’ve got a deep burgundy foliage provides a striking contrast in the garden when planted adjacent to lush green foliage – and they work especially well in cluster plantings. We’ve got some sitting out the front of our office. Just beautiful.


5. Cycad revoluta : Sago Palm
These slow growing plants have surprised us this summer. We knew that they loved bright light, but they’ve flourished in the heat. These architectural prehistoric plants can be used en masse in large beds or as a striking feature in urns or pots.


6. Ficus hillii : Hills Fig
This versatile tree has done really well through the summer. It’s very hardy and has easily survived the dryness and heat of the sun. These are slightly darker green and a bit more open and weeping than the Ficus Flash.

7. Ficus hillii ‘Flash’ : Flash fig
Our Ficus Flash’s can’t seem to get out the door fast enough. We’ve almost sold out and we’re on the hunt for more. Their bright green foliage is loving the sun and they are going to be perfect for beautiful screens or tall hedges.

All of these have done really well in the extreme heat – largely because they were kept very well watered. In general, these plants will do well in heat, provided they are watered well and the extreme heat doesn’t last any longer than 3 – 4 weeks.

It seems like the heat is off for now, but knowing Melbourne, it won’t be long before it’s back. If you want to know anymore about great plants for summer, please give us a ring on 9859 9190.

You can also grab our February price list here.

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