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Weeping Trees Australia

Weeping Trees Australia Guide

Sometimes a project call for a graceful, arching element, that won’t outgrow the space. Standard small weeping trees have all the good looks of their upright counter parts but will an added element of elegance and their compact form means they are easy to maneuver in the landscape. So, whether you are looking for foliage, flowers or bark, there is a weeping tree to suit your needs.

Prunus Snofozam

Prunus ‘Snofozam’

This prolific white flowered weeping cherry looks like a fountain of snow when in full bloom at the start of spring. Grafted onto a 1.8m standard, the pendulous branches cascade down, covers in small crystal white blooms. After the flowers have had their turn, foliage in rich green with a slightly serrated edge creates a swaying curtain for the warmer months.

Then in Autumn this compact weeping tree takes another turn as the foliage changes to gold, red and orange. A beautiful tree that is perfect for formal gardens when neatly trimmed, classic Japanese gardens or small modern gardens that need a strong feature.


Prunus Pinkasham Weeping Trees Australia

Prunus ‘Pinkasham’

Sweet, delicate and elegant, the soft pink blossoms of this weeping cherry add a touch of whimsy to the start of spring. Grafted onto a 1.8m standard, the elegant drooping branches are clothed in dainty single pink blooms before the emergence of lightly serrated, dark green foliage towards mid spring.

This breath-taking display is quintessential in formal and Japanese style gardens and transforms smaller spaces where it is sure to be a key feature. In autumn foliage becomes the showstopper, turning a rich array of red, gold and orange.


Prunus Mt Fuji Standard Weeper

Prunus ‘Mt Fuji’ Standard Weeper

One of the broader growing standard weepers, this double flowering weeping cherry makes a spectacular feature in the landscape. Growing on a 1.8m graft the canopy of this remarkable tree grows more horizontal than pendulous, making them perfect for creating an overhead canopy with a little training.

In Spring the branches are covered in crystal white large double blossoms, a magic display. These then give way to mid green leaves with a slightly serrated edge. In autumn foliage turns reds and orange, making this weeping tree a year-round performer.


Morus alba Chapparal Std Weeper Weeping Trees Australia

Morus alba ‘Chapparal’ Std Weeper

For some striking foliage and hardiness, you can’t go past this weeping Mulberry. This non fruiting variety on a 1.8m standard is the perfect option from a bold feature in difficult conditions. It has a dense canopy of large, bright green leaves that are slightly glossy.

The layers of foliage on this weeping tree give it a wonderful texture and in Autumn the butter yellow of the leaves is a winning display. With training the dense canopy can be used to create a shaded area, perfect for children’s gardens or as a small seating area.

Betula p.’Youngii’

Every inch of this weeping tree for sale is attractive, and its compact size means you can use it almost anywhere. The weeping birch has a lot of the same features as its upright cousins; bright white trunk, dark young stems, delicate green foliage that turns a brilliant golden yellow in autumn. It is it long, slender, pendulous branches that give it its ultimate character.

The willow like stems sway in the breeze and even in winter look most attractive. Grown on a 1.8m standard, this tree has enough size to make an elegant statement, but is still compact enough to be versatile.


Pyrus salicfolia weeping tree types

Pyrus salicifolia

Not your average weeping tree, this Pear variety has colour, texture and versatility. Unlike other weeping trees, this ornamental Pear is not grafted onto a standard, but instead grows upright but with fine branches that have a pendulous appearance. Add to this the delicate, narrow silver foliage and you have a statement tree that is sure to stand out in the landscape.

Spring see this tree covered in white blossom, giving way to the silver foliage and finally turning pale gold in Autumn. An excellent choice for if you are looking for something a little different.

Weeping Trees Australia Caring Tips:

  • Ensure that all growth that appears from the root stock and trunk is removed promptly to ensure it does not take over
  • Pruning is mostly not necessary but can be useful to create a particular effect. You can
    – trim bottom of branches to create an even length or create space below canopy
    – prune outer branches to narrow the canopy/even the shape
    – prune inner branches to encourage a wider spread
  • Remove dead wood as required

Come in and see us during the week at Kilby Park Tree Farm – Wholesale Plant Nursery to look over our extensive range of small evergreen weeping trees Australia for sale for any landscaping or design project. Call 03 9859 9190 for more information.

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