What colour range of Lagerstroemias (Crepe Myrtles) do we grow? And 6 shots that will inspire you to plant them.

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Hey guys, it’s Tanya here. I’m often asked about the colour range of the Lagerstroemias (Crepe Myrtles) that we grow. They’re one of the world’s best flowering trees AND so I’m not surprised by how popular they are. They offer great flowers in Summer, beautiful coloured foliage in Autumn and as the tree ages, their trunks will reveal beautiful satin smooth bark in Winter months.

If you’re visiting Kilby Park in the next month your so, you’ll be hit with a dazzling display of the Lag. Tuscarora as you drive in. The intense blooms have been described as ‘Dark Coral’ or even ‘Watermelon Pink’ – but I’m calling them a bright cerise pink that reminds me of the old Lag. Indica rubra of that I grew up with.

It’s been such a strong grower in the summer heat, and the bees are loving it too.

Beyond that, we also grow..

Sioux – Mid bright pink
Lipan – Lavender mauve
Tonto – Bright purple / red and of course the..
Natchez – Pure white

With so many options to choose from, Crepe Myrtles are a great addition to any garden or design. Here are six shots that have inspired us.


If you want to know anymore about our Crepe Myrtles, please give us a ring on 03 9859 9190.

You can also grab our April price list here.

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