What is the best time to plant bamboo?

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Kilby Park Tree Farm Alex in the Bamboo

Hey guys, it’s Alex here. A few weeks ago we shared the differences between 6 types of Bamboo, and since then I’ve had quite a few people ask me; when is the best time to plant bamboo? Like all things plant related questions, it depends..If the bamboo is going from a pot to the ground, then autumn and spring are the best, but if you’re able to keep the plants well watered, bamboo can also be planted in the middle of summer.


Lifting and transplanting bamboo from one place in the garden to another is very different. Late autumn, winter and very early spring are good times, it’s not too hot and the plants will suffer the least amount of shock. It is also the time to divide the clumps if you need to.

Site preparation is important, good drainage is essential and make sure that there is lots of composted organic matter in the hole and in the mix that will go back in the hole.  If the organic matter that you are putting in the hole is not properly broken down it will cause more harm than good – so your plant must be COMPOSTED. When planting, make sure the soil around the root ball is firmly compacted. Then give the plant a good watering to remove any air spaces around the roots. Water about twice a week for about two months with a diluted soil conditioner such as a seaweed tonic. This will encourage new root growth and help minimise transplanting shock

It may take a full 12-18 months for your bamboo to bounce back, but just be patient and soon you’ll start so see new fat buds.

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