What’s the difference between the types of Bamboo?

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We often get asked about the types of bamboo we grow, and what they’re best used for. With six different types of bamboo to choose from – it can get pretty confusing! First things first – it’s best to choose a non invasive clumping bamboo (that’s what we grow).

Here’s the differences between them.

Oldhamii and Tigergrass at Kilby Park Tree Farm

Oldhamii is a very fast growing and hardy bamboo with large leaves.
Height : Up to 15m
Best for: Tall screens
Weather: Grows in both sun or shade.

Gracilis our most popular screening bamboo.
Height : Up to 6m in height
Best for: Screening
Features: Extremely vertical growth, very graceful and green
Grows: Grows in sun and part shade.

Timor Black
Timor black is a beautiful plant with dark culms, a rarity in the plant world.
Height : 10-15m in height
Best for: Unique screens
Features: Black and brown culms

Himalayan Weeping
Himalayan weeping looks nothing like a classic bamboo.
Height : Up to 3m in height
Best for: Growing in containers and planters
Features: Graceful pendulous clumps and fine sprays of long bright green leaves
Weather : Cold Tolerant

Nepalese Blue
A beautiful bamboo with a blue tinge.
Height : 3m – 5m in height
Best for: Smaller gardens and pots
Features: Delicate Arching poles
Weather : Great for houses that don’t get much sun

Tiger Grass
A fast growing, lush clumping grass that looks like small tropical bamboo.
Height : Up to 2.5m
Best for: Subtropical designs
Features: Fast growing and clumping
Weather : Dormant in winter and love water.

We’ve got all of these growing at the moment! If you’d like some, just check out our price list or give us a ring on (03) 9859 9190.

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