With or without a trellis, creeper plants can cover bare courtyard fences and your garden walls and can turn your garden into a gorgeous green heaven. From covering an ugly fence to providing some lush green to a narrow space, creepers are the fix all for the landscape. Whether they are self adhering or climb by tendrils, creepers can fill out a space quickly to provide interest or to be the perfect background for other garden features.

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Which Plants are Creepers?

Creeper plants are small, vine-like plants that grow close to the ground. Some of the common Creeper plants are Pumpkin, Sweet Autumn Clematis, Cucumber, Chayote, Aparajita and Malphigia.

Creepers for Landscaping

Creeper Plants can transform landscapes into inspiring spaces. Whether self-attaching or climbing by tendrils, creepers look excellent on walls or in pots. Our range of vine, ivy and flower Creeper Plants are perfect for creating privacy, interest or backdrops in any garden.

Wholesale Creeper Plants Supplier Melbourne

As a wholesale Creeper Plants supplier in Melbourne, we offer premium quality stock to trade-only customers. Here at Kilby, we have the Creeper Plants you are looking for because we know what works. Our creepers can quickly fill a space or be the perfect backdrop for other garden features, giving you the edge in a competitive market.

Largest Wholesale Creeper Plants Nursery Melbourne, Australia

Kilby Park Tree Farm is Melbourne’s largest inner-city wholesale trade-only nursery. As a Creeper Plants supplier, we help landscapers, designers, developers, retail nurseries and councils create amazing gardens that are designed to be enjoyed. We are proud to grow and supply only top-quality Creeper Plants to trade-only customers.

Wide Range of Wholesale Creeper Plants

Grown from quality seed and rootstock sourced from the top Australian growers, our wide range of Creeper Plants Melbourne are the highest quality on the market. From covering ugly areas to providing lush green to narrow spaces, our creepers are perfect for walls, pergolas and pots. Whether you need self-attaching or tendril climber varieties, our wholesale Creeper Plants can provide privacy, interest or decoration.

Why Choose Kilby Park Tree Farm for Wholesale Creeper Plants

At Kilby Park Tree Farm, our sustainable approach to planting, growing and enhancing our wholesale Creeper Plants ensures you deliver impressive results to your clients. Using quality Australian seed and rootstock and a low chem approach, our Creeper Plants are grown to be strong their whole lives. For your next project, choose us as your wholesale Creeper Plant supplier and create beautiful gardens with confidence.

Creeper Plants Melbourne - FAQs

Your creeper plant will be ready for collection in accordance with the time of year, the size of the plant and your specific requirements. Keep in contact with us on (03) 9859 9190 to discuss the ideal time to collect your order.

Wholesale creeper plants are available only to landscapers who have a registered ABN and not to the general public. Register here (https://www.kilbytreefarm.com.au/register/) as a landscaper so that you can purchase creeper plants at wholesale rates.

Wholesale trade customers who have registered with us can contact (03) 9859 9190 to arrange for delivery of creeper plants. The cost of delivery depends on your location and the quantity of creeper plants acquired.

We supply creeper plants of all sizes. As you are aware, the size of the plant will depend on the season and availability. Since we sell to wholesale customers only, it is best to visit us to see the plant for yourself. If you are unable to visit us, call us on (03) 9859 9190 to discuss. For retail services, please visit our sister shop at http://www.thetreeshop.com.au