More than just weed suppressant and space filler, ground cover plants provide the base from which the harden is built. Setting the stage for the stars of the garden, they can reinforce the lushness of the garden by providing another layer of green, be the negative space around feature plants and ornaments as well as providing their own interest with flowers and interesting textures.

Ground Cover Plants for Landscaping

These plants are the perfect finishing touch to any landscape. Creating wonderful garden bases, these plants can add layers of lushness, fill the space around feature plants, and provide floral decoration. Our quality wholesale plants are great choices for underplanting or pots.

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Wholesale Ground Cover Plants Australia Suppliers

At Kilby Park Tree Farm, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality wholesale plants on the market. We work closely with landscapers, designers, developers, retail nurseries and councils to help them create beautiful gardens. Proudly trade only, we can grow and supply large quantities of these plants to our customers.

Melbourne’s Largest Wholesale Ground Cover Plants Nursery

As Melbourne’s largest inner-city wholesale Plants nursery, we know what works in our ever-changing climate. Whether you are looking for something lush, colourful or dense, there is a Kilby product for you. Our qualified team will work with you to make sure you and your clients are always impressed with the results.

Wide Range of Wholesale Ground Cover Plants

Whether you need native, evergreen or deciduous plants, we can help. Our wide range of wholesale Plants is perfect for underplanting or pots. At Kilby, our top-quality stock can create wonderful garden bases by adding lushness and flowers or filling the space around feature plants.

Native Ground Cover Plants Melbourne

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to attractive and prosperous native plants in Australia. Beyond their moisture-retaining, space-filling, and often aesthetically pleasing attributes, planting this plant species can enhance your garden’s environment by attracting local birds, insects and reptiles to the area and improving the ecosystem.

As with any flora, native plants should be planted in weed-free and well-mulched settings. This will set them up for long-term health and fragrance. Many of the top-recommended Australian native plants are chosen because they are drought and flood-resistant and suit a wide range of soil types and harsh climates.

Fast-growing Native Ground Cover Plants Australia

These plants are generally categorised as spreading wide and growing between 4cm to 50cm in height. If you are seeking fast-growing cover plants to add texture and colour and fill gaps in your Australian garden, here are our top four recommendations:

  • Native violet (Viola Hederacca) – One of our favourite native plants, the native violet offers evergreen foliage, delicate lilacs, and white flowers.
  • Japanese Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Asiaticum) – Fast-growing, this sweet floral smelling plant is the cousin of the well-loved Star Jasmine and offers a dense matt look to fill in areas around trees and shrubs.
  • Two-flowered Knawel (Scleranthus Biflorus) – Ideal for sunny environments, this native plant appears like a bright, soft cushion.
  • Kidneyweed (Dichondra Repens) – Fast spreading and low profile Dichondra Repens native ground cover is a beautiful deep-green landscaping option.

Low-maintenance Plants for Australian Gardens

Most of the time, native plants Australia act as a backdrop to other garden features, and it is worthwhile choosing low-maintenance varieties for minimal stress. The above fast-growing varieties will suit low-maintenance objectives, as will the following three recommendations:

  • Ajuga (Bugleweed) – Super-low maintenance is required for Bugleweeds, which offer deep burgundy foliage and hints of blue flowers in Springtime.
  • Myoporum Yareena™ – Hardy and low maintenance Yareena™ forms a dense, resilient carpet and helps fill a vibrant native garden.
  • Creeping Boobialla (Myoporum Parvifolium Fine Leaf White) – Native, dense, low-maintenance plants has glossy green leaves and bears white flowers during spring/summer.
  • Cut-leaf Daisy (Brachyscome Multifada) – Terrific as a ground cover or border plant, this native plant is hardy and will add pink, mauve or white flowers in an outdoor space.

Why Choose Kilby Park Tree Farm 

At Kilby Park Tree Farm, our exceptional Plants are only part of our story. We also foster a deep passion for sustainable horticulture and producing premium quality plants that allow you to create amazing landscapes. For your next project, choose us as your wholesale Ground Cover Plants Melbourne supplier and deliver impressive results to your clients.

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