Creating that perfect back or front yard oasis is always harder than you think, even if you’re a seasoned professional landscaper. There’s so much to think about, from the amount of light flooding into the garden to the tastes of individual clients, all of which can be deciding on and choosing the right trees almost impossible! We’ve made it simple for you here at Kilby Tree Farm, by compiling our Top ten trees in one easy location, so you can find the right tree for your project in no time. The below trees have been hand selected by Kilby Tree Farm’s expert garden consultants and stay true to our proud Aussie traditions. We know and understand the Australian landscape, climate and soil types, so we’ve selected 10 amazing trees that are perfect for Aussie gardens and that are readily available from the Kilby Tree Farm indigenous wholesale trade nursery.

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Kilby Park Tree Farm is a Melbourne-based wholesale plant nursery that serves the landscaping and horticultural industries.

Our superb stock is just half of the tale at Kilby Park Tree Farm. We cultivate a genuine love for sustainable horticulture and the environment at Kilby Park Tree Farm. We aim to develop a diverse and comprehensive assortment of high-quality plants that enable our clients to confidently build attractive landscapes.

The below selection represents a wide variety of trees that will help you achieve a wide range of aesthetic look and feels in your projects, as well as being suited to Melbourne’s wildly temperamental climate.
Browse our Top 10 trees below and get in touch with our friendly staff to place your order!

Top Ten Trees - FAQs

The Tahitian Lime is one of Australia’s fastest-growing trees, preferring warmer regions and requiring rich, well-drained soil.

The most popular trees in Australia include the Bottlebrush, Wattles and Eucalyptus trees. They are commonly used in gardens as well as being found natively throughout the country.

Banksias, grevilleas, and waratahs are members of the Proteaceae family of flowering plants, which includes banksias, grevilleas, and waratahs.

Creepy Myrtle is a deciduous trees feature lovely bark, vibrant fall foliage, and magnificent summer blooms. Dwarf crepe myrtles and types with beautiful burgundy foliage are available. Crepe Myrtle may be cultivated in a container or in the ground.