The Understated Elegance of the Olive Trees

Favoured of course for it’s fantastic oil bearing fruit, olive trees also make a fantastic statement as a decorative plant.

No longer constrained to Mediterranean villas or humble farms, olive trees offer a modern simplicity to a whole range of landscapes and styles. Given a well drained soil, olive trees will flourish and add their distinct look to a garden for many years to come.


At present, Kilby has a variety of Olive trees on offer to fit the needs of your design, and we thought we’d feature our top 3. All feature the classic thin leathery leaf with a green top and silver bottom, with their own delights added.


Olea. a “kalamata” 

Known of course for it’s delicious fruit, the Kalamata is a smaller variety of the olive tree, growing 6 x 3 at maturity. Kalamata makes for a fantastic informal hedge or grove, and can be potted if well drained.


Olea e. ‘Tolleys Upright’

Mainly fruitless, this larger olive tree (7 x 4 at maturity) is ideal for urban landscaping as it tolerates dryness and pruning fantastically, offering the opportunity for screening. Fantastic for feature trees as well as creating privacy.


Olea europea ‘Nevadillo Blanco’

The Nevadillo Blanco offers you a similar option to the kalamata, with delicious fruit and a 6 x 3 growth at maturity. Leaves are slightly wider with an outwards spread, offering a different texture to the plant.

Consider adding the understated elegance of an olive tree to your next design.

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